How to rank on brave

  1. Submit your website or content to the Brave Verified Publishers Program. This program is designed to help verified publishers get more visibility and rewards in the Brave ecosystem.

  2. Optimize your website or content for SEO. Make sure to include the appropriate meta tags, keywords, and other SEO best practices.

  3. Promote your website or content on social media. Encourage followers to download and use the Brave browser to access your content.

  4. Participate in online forums and communities related to your content. Share your content and offer helpful advice to other users.

  5. Create engaging videos and other content that is optimized for the Brave browser.

  6. Utilize Brave’s Advertising Network. This network is designed to help verified publishers reach more people and get more rewards.

  7. Track your progress through the Brave browser’s Analytics tools. This will help you understand which content and activities are providing the most rewards.

  8. Engage with the Brave community. Offer helpful advice, share your content, and become an active member of the community.

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