How to prevent YouTube from crashing when the brave block counter is 99+

I’ve been trying to think of why when i watch one YouTube video after another and then all of a sudden it crashes: the video loads the first 5 seconds and then freezes leaving a spinning loading circle at the tab and then after a minute or so the browser asks if i want to kill the page or wait for it to load. Later i then realized that the brave counter always says 99+ when this occurs. The only way to remedy the crashes is to refresh the page once in a while so that the block counter resets back to 0. Is there a way for the browser to automatically reset the counter back to zero without having to manually refresh every 4th or 5th video i watch.


Hi @Ice21,
Can you share the screenshot of the error you’re seeing and the counter?

Theres not really much a screenshot could do. It’s the usual chrome crash screen (sad file folder face). To recreate it just go to youtube, make sure the brave shield is on and then just click on a youtube video. It’ll skip the ads of course and then the shield counter goes up. Just click on another video (lets say the ones in the recommendations). repeat the process until the counter is at 99+, after that just keep going and clicking more videos. after a while a video will stop but the page is loading. I have a fast internet and page loads instantly but when i get to the video that crashes the tab, the page loads so slow.

Can you show me the Shield panel settings you have enabled for youtube?

Also to confirm, when you say counter, you’re referring to the items blocked in the Shields panel?

Can you also try creating a new profile, and seeing if videos on youtube crash?

The profiles makes no difference. I have a personal and work profiles and they both have the same problem. My old office had that problem too with google chrome when i installed an ad blocker. Im not too deep with coding but there has to be a way to get this problem to stop. Its not world ending for me just minor annoyance. And yes, the counter i meant are the items blocked.

@Ice21, thank you for sharing your settings. Do you have any extensions installed?
Even thought you have a work and personal profile, I’d still like you to try and make a new one and test youtube. We do this to help locate the root of the issue.
As you see in my Shields panel, I’ve got 99+ items blocked and I do not have any issues with videos on youtube.

Okay after doing stress test on the new clean profile. Nothing happened after clicking on ad supported videos. Next I went back to my personal profile and turned off extensions individually that would somehow be involved with the YouTube site and i think its the YouTube Auto HD is the main culprit. I only got to 85 counts until the video plays for 3 seconds and freezes while the audio goes on for 2 more seconds and then pauses and the tab asks if i want to kill that page. Is there an alternative to that extension that doesn’t have that problem?

@Ice21, I’m glad you found the issue.
Unfortunately I’m unaware of an extension alternative. If you do find one, please share it, it may help someone else in the future.

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