How to prevent duplicate bookmarks (when saving them, not from syncing)?

Is there a Bookmarks setting that checks whether a bookmark you are about to save already exists?

That is, checks its URL (not its ‘title’ – which could vary).

All of the posts I’ve seen here on the topic deal with duplication from syncing.

I would just like an alert letting me know that the bookmark (i.e., its URL) already exists – and if possible displaying its location (bookmarks folder).


No internal setting that does this. There’s likely a extension you can use that will tidy your bookmarks up for you or catch them before you add a duplicate though. I’d recommend looking through at some extensions and see what you can find.

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I’ve never seen anything that does on the fly, but this bookmark cleaner extension was pretty good from what I’ve played with…

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@megaspaz Looks good & was reviewed favorably by Ghacks. Thanks.

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