How to permanently remove the little "google" icon from the address bar?


I’d like to permanently remove the little “google” icon from the address bar. Is it possible? How?

I’d prefer a solution consistent with keeping Google as the default search engine for searching from the address bar.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.48.171 Chromium: 110.0.5481.177 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

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@Nycticorax I’m curious what setting you’ve got enabled for it to show. When does it appear? Because my address bar never has it. Such as right now on this topic, the below is what I see:

I guess Brave has too many settings for me to answer you relevantly. But your remark is interesting, as in fact this icon seems to be page-dependent. I’ll try to come up with a list of web sites that do trigger it.

Actually, I figured out what it is and feel dumb. Only thing that’s interesting is mine shows on the left side instead of the right. Not sure if that’s just due to OS settings or what? But yeah, the icon just appears when the address/search bar is blank or you’re typing in something. It’s there to let people know what they are about to search for. It’s kind of a confirmation as well for anyone using bangs.

And you mentioning not seeing it 100% of the time might help verify that. To be honest, I forgot that the symbol appears because I tend to not pay much attention. But on top of that, placement (left for me vs right for you) also threw me off.

If that is indeed all it is, you still looking at basically making a suggestion for them not to have that show or would you be content (assuming you verify what I’m saying) in knowing it’s only going to show when you’re searching for something but will go away as you visit websites and all?

Same here, it appears randomly. :thinking:

@Mattches any thoughts?

Found it again:

Yes, I’d like this to be removed from the address bar. These small icons are there to notify the user that there are some actions available from the current page, and showing a Google icon is irrelevant to that specific page (unless the page is, but in that case it’s redundant).

I believe we plan on removing this — looking to see if there is an open issue for this now. If not I’ll go ahead and log one myself.

Thank you

Issue is logged here:

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