How to permanently remove icons at startup?


How do I permanently remove Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Apple from the Brave homepage? It bothers me a lot when I see the Facebook logo and the others I try to avoid at every start !


Hi @Meta,

You can click X button to remove it. Tiles is populated by your history (except those default tiles), and clearing history may will bring the default back.



Is it possible to disable these tiles entirely?


@IntelligentBasket Currently there’s no way to do that. Request logged for this. Added your +1 and you can track the progress here



That’s how far I knew.
But it’s about permanently removing the icons from the site that I never use. Such as Facebook, Apple, etc. I consider that an insult to my eyes.
So I’m gonna go over it again. Can I remove Facebook, Google, Apple, YouTube forever?


I’m hoping the Browser will add a way to permanently remove the icons that load on startup.


I am using Brave 7 days and I am happy but to have the possiblity to remove the tumbs would indeed be an advantage. However: So Far So Good!!!

Hans Loykens


I’m sorry for late reply. I’m not sure about removing some sites permanently. But tiles on dashboard’s populated by history. If you never visit those sites, it’ll not appears on dashboard.


Please add a toggle switch to tell Brave “do not put tiles on homepage on start-up”.

I never go to Facebook, evenso, it is the first tile that shows up on startup along with 4-5 others.

I use your photograph only for my homepage. Why do your designers add a gorgeous photo then muck it up with more and more data/tiles/etc?

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