How to optionally show pop-up windows for a specific website?

I tried searching this forum, but couldn’t find anything relevant, apologies if this is a duplicate report.

When I used a banking website, it needed pop-up windows for something to work - there is no indication that there was a pop-up window in Brave.

In Firefox, it clearly shows that there was a pop-up window prevented, and gives me option to open it. Can we have similar behavior in Brave?

Silently discarding pop-up windows is not helpful in this case.

Thank you.

@swaroop Does the following work?

  • go to the banking site
  • click the Brave shields symbol in the upper right corner. The popup that opens should read:
    site shield settings for
    <URL of your banking site>
  • Switch Shields to “Down” - it’s a banking site, if you don’t trust them with everything on their page, you shouldn’t do online banking.*
  • reload the page if needed.

* : (I don’t do online banking :smiley: Because I trust nobody on the internet. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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@tlaloc77 Thanks for responding! Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me. The pop-up still gets blocked even after I put shields down for that particular website. It works as expected on Firefox though.

@swaroop Then the popup will most likely come from another address within the bank’s domain, or even another domain of that bank. Which means that you’re out of luck until Brave Core / version 1.0 is out. As @mattches explained here, this is not fixable without great effort because of the way it works internally, but will (most likely) be fixed with version 1.0. Sorry for (being the bearer of) the bad news.

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Thanks @tlaloc77, good to understand what the issue is and that it is being worked on!

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