How to optimize memory usage on Brave?

I’m new to Brave and really love it so far. I’ve been on the look for a new browser since I figured out yesterday that Chrome uses so much ram. I found about Brave and it seemed better. I love the open source part of it and cross platform and the logo is just so awesome :smiley: .

For me though, I’m really trying to optimize the memory usage as much as possible and I included as screenshot of my task manager and I see that There are a lot of background process that are running and i tried to close one just to see if they were necessary and indeed it closed one of my tab so I’m not sure if there’s a way to optimize it so maybe the minimum memory possible is used because i honestly want to love Brave and for me as I mentioned, memory usage is the most important.


I tried Fire Fox, Edge and Chrome and it doesn’t seem that I see some background process like that so maybe I did some config wrong? Does anyone have any tips on memory optimization?

Thank you so much to the Brave team and the amazing community here, the software is really good and I’m grateful for it!!

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