How to open tabs from other devices?

The Brave developers have already determined there is something wrong with Sync across Desktop and Android, and are working to understand and resolve it.

Follow the developer discussion here for more details:

I am having the same issue. I got bookmarks to sync between desktop (windows) and android, but not tabs.

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Same here between iOS/macOS.

I’m really confused, why the answers try to skirt the question?? If it can’t be done yet, that’s easy enough to say. If it’s planned (or not planned) just say that. Nothing wrong it telling the truth.


Sadly it seems that the tabs syncs between macos and ios devices is still not implemented :frowning: I can’t even select what to sync in ios device :frowning: Brave, fix this.


Hello, I created an account just to post here. I love the concept and idea of Brave and appreciate your guys’ work. But I am also about to switch back to a different browser due to 2 problems that I have had to work around for months- not because they exist , but because I have seen no response and no sign of intention to work on these highly requested things by the community for the future.

  1. is the inability to sync open brave browser tabs on a pc with brave mobile. very essential for many.
  2. no bookmarks like they used to be presented/and are present on many other browsers.

If I am wrong and these solutions exist, please correct me.
Thank you in advance.


I am not aware of the #2 issue that @boriono mentioned, but #1 has been hindering my workflow on Brave Browser lately. I also created an account just to monitor this thread. I am curious to hear any response from Brave Support. I agree with the above sentiment that if this feature was in the pipeline, it would be reassuring to users to hear about it, and if it’s not, it would be nice to know, so that I’m not left wondering. It sounds like it is a deal breaker for many. I’m not sure if it would be for me, but it’s definitely a factor in considering using the browser or not. Thank you, I love the browser for so much, this is just one shortcoming that I’ve noticed in the recent weeks.


I second this, I just wasted about an hour trying to get tabs to sync on a PC → Android device chain. Nothing happens, so why keep this misleading option in sync options aka Data Preferences?