How to open tabs from other devices?

Description of the issue:

I cannot find a way to open tabs from other devices.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Add multiple devices to a sync chain, in my case a Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone
  2. See bookmarks syncing
  3. On neither of those devices I can find a way to open tabs from other devices - the history menu only shows my device’s history

Expected result:

I can open tabs from other devices via the history menu.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

on MacOS V1.16.75
on iOS 1.21 (

Additional Information:

I also can’t seem to leave the sync chain on macos. Clicking the button has no effect.


Hi @Doubleslash, Welcome to Community!
Please see:

When History is synced, you are essentially syncing typed URLs entered after both devices are added to the same Sync chain. Let’s say for example you have two devices, both with ~1,000 entries in History. When these two devices are added to the same Sync chain, they will both retain those same 1000 entries – but any newly typed URLs entered into the address bar will now be added to both devices.

Thanks for that but I don’t see how that answers my questions. This talks about history. It seems Tabs aren’t synced right now.


You may have better success with using mac’s handoff functionality instead… it would only help with tabs open on one device being available on another device, but maybe that’s all you need/want(?)

Err no, I like to use the Tab sync feature as it is implemented in Chromium. I can see/re-open tabs from all devices in my sync chain wherever I am. I am confused why this is deflected / unanswered - why sync open tabs in the first place if you cannot use it?

I was expecting somebody to chime in and say that this feature is either not implemented yet or it is working on their end and I need to re-create my sync chain or something?


I’ve tried using handoff to open a website from my Mac on my iPad. Unfortunately, it opens the site in Safari, even though Brave is set as the default browser.

I am wondering about this too. I have “sync open tabs” selected but I don’t see tabs from any other devices. I checked on my Linux box, Mac , and iOS devices.

I guess I’ll go back to using Safari.


Same issue. Sync setup between Windows 10 and iOS. Can’t see how I can open tabs on iOS from the windows installed Brave instance.


iOS is a 2nd class citizen in Brave, can’t see anything synced.

I am surprised that this feature has been implemented with a half-hearted approach and it clearly doesn’t help if I don’t see the full list of the devices. I see just the Top 5 tabs of my Android phone on my Windows laptop and they are not even the most recent ones. Clicking on sync multiple times doesn’t help either.

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I thought I can finally start using Brave as my default browser again…

Yeah, same here. I started switching back to Chrome. Most of my privacy and my tracking is now being taken care of by using anyway. A browser which cannot reliably sync tabs and history across devices is kind of a no-go for a tech-savvy power user in 2020. Which I think is the target audience of Brave.

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Still an issue. Has Brave support acknowledged it at all?

This is still an issue, any resolution in sight, Brave?

Searched all other related threads. Some update from Brave would be great.

I’m baffled that sync includes “Open Tabs”, yet it’s no-where to be found in the app?

Actually the menu “Tabs from other devices” just appeared on my Desktop Brave V1.19.86 which is also mentioned in the release notes:

It only shows tabs from another Mac but not from my iOS Devices. But it’s a silver lining.

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The problem here is that this menu seems not to be functioning as it is supposed to.

If this was implemented, Id use Brave as my default browser. But, as its planned ( any roadmap? ) I will not use this browser…

Hello I use android device and PC. Everything works fine for me. On PC u can find all opened tabs from android device in “History card”. On Android u can find all opened tabs from PC in “Recent cards”.