How to open multiple tabs using a simple script? (Standard behavior in other browsers)



I’m currently building a vocabulary deck for German using a simple script that opens a succession of tabs displaying information about a word. In a nutshell, it’s search box that inserts a keyword in to a couple of URLs and then opens them in new tabs. In other browsers (namely Microsoft Edge), this happens with no problems what so ever. In Brave, only one tab opens and all URL’s are loaded at once, leaving only the last one of the four visible. Is this intended? Is there a way to mimic Edge’s behavior?

The site I put up is for can be found here:
You could try looking for “Hilfe” to illustrate the point.

Thank you for your help.


You can check the wiki here to set up multiple home page at start


Hello, sriram! Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, it does not help solve the problem, since it’s removes the automation from the method.


Hi @wintershere. Could you elaborate a little bit on how you are doing this. If I follow the link you shared, it opens up a text box and on search opens a new tab with search result. If you could record a gif or video of the flow that would be very helpful. You can download Liceap (freeware) to record the gif

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