How to open GMail once (instead of twice) when turning Shields off

Following any kind of system reset (e.g., following a crash), opening GMail with Shields ‘off’ appears to require that it be opened twice – because there isn’t a way to default it to open with Shields off, and when Shields off is selected, GMail reloads.

Is there any way to make this a 1-step process instead – i.e., a way to default GMail to open with Shields off?


Hi @mk7z,

Thanks for reaching out. What version of Brave are you running?

Just tested on a 2017 Macbook Pro using Release version and was unable to reproduce.


Thanks. I’m using Dev v. 0.67.72 Chromium: 75.0.3770.38 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

The steps I take to try opening GMail without having it load twice are:

    . . . The GMail main screen appears.

  2. I turn shields ‘off’ (icon adjacent to URL field)
    . . . Icon goes grey.

  3. I log in to GMail.
    . . . The shields then go back to ‘on.’ Icon goes orange.

  4. I turn shields ‘off’ again.
    . . . GMail automatically reloads. (Shields icon is grey.)

Can you list the steps you take where this doesn’t happen – i.e., GMail doesn’t reload when you turn shields off after logging in?

I usually open Gmail in a private tab/window. Don’t know what bearing, if any, that might have.