How to open GMail once (instead of twice) when turning Shields off

Following any kind of system reset (e.g., following a crash), opening GMail with Shields ‘off’ appears to require that it be opened twice – because there isn’t a way to default it to open with Shields off, and when Shields off is selected, GMail reloads.

Is there any way to make this a 1-step process instead – i.e., a way to default GMail to open with Shields off?


Hi @mk7z,

Thanks for reaching out. What version of Brave are you running?

Just tested on a 2017 Macbook Pro using Release version and was unable to reproduce.


Thanks. I’m using Dev v. 0.67.72 Chromium: 75.0.3770.38 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

The steps I take to try opening GMail without having it load twice are:

    . . . The GMail main screen appears.

  2. I turn shields ‘off’ (icon adjacent to URL field)
    . . . Icon goes grey.

  3. I log in to GMail.
    . . . The shields then go back to ‘on.’ Icon goes orange.

  4. I turn shields ‘off’ again.
    . . . GMail automatically reloads. (Shields icon is grey.)

Can you list the steps you take where this doesn’t happen – i.e., GMail doesn’t reload when you turn shields off after logging in?

I usually open Gmail in a private tab/window. Don’t know what bearing, if any, that might have.


I’d still be interested to know how to do this without having to open GMail twice.

From my experience that would seem to require pre-configuring GMail (if there is a way to do that) so that Shields are not up (the global default).

I assume it’s because of that setting that I’m having this issue. When I load Gmail, Shields are up. When I turn them off GMail loads all over again.

How can I get it to load with Shields off – essentially as a default for ‘Gmail only’?

I do run GMail in an Incognito tab. I don’t know whether it would make a difference if I were in a normal tab, but I’d rather retain the Incognito state if possible.



  1. Visit
  2. Turn Shields off
  3. Leave, visit other websites, close the browser, reboot computer, or do whatever you’d like.
  4. Return to, observe Shields settings are retained

(Sorry for the thin recording – didn’t want to show all my email info)

Thanks. Other than leaving GMail, isn’t this the same sequence I described?

We’re talking about two different situations. It’s not a matter of retained settings. Once Shields are turned off, the settings will be retained until there’s a crash.

When the latter happens, the settings are lost (at least with GMail in an Incognito tab). So when I open GMail again, Shields (observing the global default setting) are ‘on.’ I shut them off, but then GMail reloads.

What I was looking for is a way to be able to turn Shields off without having GMail reload.

I think this issue would not occur in a regular tab.

And that it’s happening because the Shields settings aren’t preserved in an Incognito tab following a crash.

What I don’t understand is: if I turn Shields off as soon as GMail loads, why after logging in immediately after that isn’t it retained, with GMail just loading with Shields ‘off’?

Instead, as soon as I do that GMail reloads. And only once that completes does ‘Shields off’ get permanently ‘set’ (until another crash).

I’m guessing maybe you don’t use GMail in an Incognito tab, since this issue doesn’t seem familiar to you - ?


I’m still not entirely sure what it is you’re trying to describe. Can you show us a short recording of the behavior so we have a better idea of the situation?

I’ll try to do that. In the meantime, please try these steps:

Starting with Shields ‘On’:

  1. In an Incognito tab navigate to GMail.

Shields should show as on. You would not be able to use the ‘call phones’ feature in this state.

  1. Turn Shields ‘Off.’

  2. Login to your Gmail account.

If your experience is the same as mine, GMail will now reload (as if it had not already been open and you are just reopening it now).

Shields will now show as ‘Off’ and ‘call phones’ will work.

This state will remain in effect until there’s a crash. Because GMail is being run in an Incognito tab the Shields ‘Off’ setting will be lost following a crash and have to be re-established.

What I was drawing attention to was the fact that when GMail is opened following a crash, Shields are ‘On.’ Turning Shields ‘Off’ at that point – i.e., before logging in – does not prevent GMail from re-loading after you log in.

In other words, you go to GMail ( and, whether you log in or not, after turning Shields ‘Off’ GMail will reload (assuming your default setting is ‘Shields On’).

Does that clarify it?

Yeah but that’s what every site does?
Any time you change Shields state, the page will refresh itself with these new settings – incognito tab or not:

:point_up: Correct – and if you were to go to gmail ( and turn Shields “On”, the site would refresh all the same. I don’t know whether or not using an incognito window is relevant here because Shields will behave the same either way.

Thanks. I’ll check next time (meaning after a crash), but my recollection is that GMail didn’t reload when I turned the Shields ‘off’ before logging in, only after.

If I’m correct that that indicates that Shields aren’t tied to accounts, having already been turned off they shouldn’t force a reload of a webpage you’re already on with the Shields settings you’ve chosen before logging in to your account.

What am I missing or overlooking?

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