How to open a private tab, not a window


Not sure if this is the right category, sorry.
I’ve got the desktop browser of Brave for Ubuntu, and I don’t see any ability to open private tabs, only private windows - is there something I need to change?


I don’t know how the devs would describe it as a procedure, but the idea of a “private” browser instance is to be isolated (sandboxed) from all data (history, cookies, bookmarks, etc.) from all other browsing. So it can only open as a private separate window (or private with tor) as a separate sandbox from the other browser. In other words, say you are logged to google and you open a tab with a youtube link, it automatically has you logged in with your google account. A private window will open with googl not knowing who you are unless you log in.

Right click into a bookmark tab or on the preferences ||| top right allows you to open a it is almost as logging you as a separate user in ubuntu and running a browser window as a new user without history. You can’t save passwords on anything on private but if a saved pw for a specific site is saved it can be used in private.

Time to get some real linux, like void, or obarun, or antix :slight_smile:

Hello @Nakrotam,

Private tabs is no longer available. Only private windows.