How to open a file without having to download it


Can anyone help please?

I used to be able to just open an attachment or file on my Macbook.

Now it asks me where I want to download it, so I can’t just check what it is before sending it, or deciding what to do with it, which is REALLY annoying.

Can anyone help please. I’m wasting so much time. I’m not very computer literate, so pretend I’m a 5 year old with any responses, I’ve seen this thread before but don’t understand what to do!! Thanks so much

Hello, what type of attachments do you mean: pdfs?

Hello there

Yes - anything that requires opening from an email. Word doc, pdf etc etc…
Any ideas?

OR if I’m trying to send a document or pdf, I used to be able to click on it and it would open automatically so I can see I’m sending the right thing…

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