How to move Forward and Reload buttons?

It’s my second day on Brave. I stayed on Firefox for several years, and now it’s happened. It’s really hard to get used to new interface. The most problem is that… you see, Forward, Back and Reload buttons are too far from address bar. It’s not convenient for me to way my mouse so long every time. I’d like to have these buttons where I want, near the Bookmarks button at the left of address bar.
Sorry, English is not my native language, but I hope you have caught my idea.
It’s a matter of individual customization choice, of course… I just get used to my old location of these buttons how it was on my Firefox…
That’s what I wanted to say) Give more possibilities to customize browser)

Brave doesn’t provide an option to move the buttons as of the moment, but if you enable Use wide address bar via brave://settings/appearance, the buttons won’t be positioned as far.

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