How to move bookmarks from root folder to another?


I’m wondering ; how to move existing bookmarks to other folders and how to place them into folders (various) upon creation?

iOS 11.4. Brave 1.6? (The latest version).

In edit mode I’m unable to get them to drop into a chosen folder.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help.


cc @Mattches and @LaurenWags for assistance.


So on iOS I believe you can navigate to your bookmark, un-bookmark it (tap on the bookmark icon), navigate to the folder you want it to be in, and then re-bookmark it. AFAIK there isn’t any drag/drop functionality on iOS for bookmarks. Additionally I believe you can only have the bookmark in one folder on iOS, not multiple.


Yes, @LaurenWags is correct. Currently no way to “move” a bookmark. Must delete and re-add. We will re-add this functionality in the future, but have some design items to address first.


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