How to make sync code invalid

I have accidentally shared my sync code to some random email address. Though I have removed all my devices from the sync chain except one and don’t see any other device using my sync chain. So I am kind of relieved that it is not being used by anyone else.
I have removed all saved passwords from the device which is still using only the sync code.

But is there any way I can invalidate the old sync code so that if someone even has access to it, it won’t sync my browser settings (including the password ) to his/her machine?

To clear the data on sync chain, on desktop or android, you’d go to brave://sync-internals and then from there you’ll see a button in all the little text that says `Disable Sync (clear data)

On iPhone, if it still exists in chain, you kind of do the same but you get to sync internals by going to Settings → Sync → Gear icon on top right then click the button. Then hit the Disable Sync (clear data) button