How to Make Payments using BAT I already have (next contribution overdue?)



Brave Laptop ver 0.19.134 for Windows 10 64-bit


The Brave Payments page states that I have 30 BAT in my Brave Wallet and that the next contribution (set to 10 BAT) is overdue. I have the Tokens to make the payment, but I don’t know how to send it, if it isn’t automatic. Any help would be great.

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Hi @mrod

How long has your contribution been Overdue?

Also, which version of Brave are you using?



Since January 4th. During that day, the browser gave me a notification that the contributions were about to be made and check which publishers I wanted to send to. After updating that nothing happened. January 5th came and then it said it was overdue.

Version 0.19.134 for Windows 10 64-bit.


Did you restore your wallet at any point?



No. I haven’t. How do I do that?


First, could you go to about:preferences#payments and click on the gear icon to display Advanced Settings. Then click on backup your wallet. Do you see words there or just ‘a’? (if you see words don’t post them here.)



It has a list of words. Now it’s stating my next contribution is January 31st with no change to the balance.


@mrod - Have you used Brave for at least 30 minutes? Or, maybe another way to ask, if you look at the table for sites you are going to contribute to (either pinned sites or you have the ‘include’ toggle on), does the amount of ‘Time Spent’ add up to at least 30 minutes?



Yes, they add up to a total of 10 hrs. Do I need to pin them?


Hi @mrod

You shouldn’t have to (I don’t think it will make a difference if you do). I’m wondering if maybe you were one of the first 2k users who accepted the UGP grant (since your balance is 30 BAT). Those users did not have their timestamp set correctly so they’ve seen some issues when it comes time to make a contribution. Let me investigate some more and I will reach back out with questions or information for you.


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