How to make Brave Search reswults open in a new tab every time

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I am using Brave Search in MS Edge. I would like to have Brave Search open search result links in a new tab every time. However, when I click the Brave Search settings ona search page, and slide the blue dot to on, Brave search opens links on new tabs only when the browser is in session. If I close the browser, then I have to repeat the steps above to have all links open in a new browser tab. xxx - Brave Search

Description of the issue:
Brave search will not automatically open links in a new tab in MS Edge after closing the browser.
Brave Version (check About Brave):
This is the Edge version. Version 114.0.1823.58 (Official build) (64-bit) I do not know where to look for the Brave Search version
Operating System:
Windows 10

Have you enabled the Open links in new tab option? This can be found after clicking on the cog icon.

Also, you will have to have cookies enabled and that cookies aren’t being cleared when the browser is closed

Fixed. I did not have all the cookie settings correct, but it is working right now, many thanks.