How to make batch browser settings?

I need to set up several Brave browsers (about 20 on different machines). I would like to create some form of script or setup file that would run after installation on any such machine. I am mainly interested in setting up profile, appearance, homepage, rules for saving passwords, downloading files, etc. And enable or disable certain preferences related to privacy, page translation, and bid editing.

What are the options to do this in Brave browser?
Is there any documentation?
It is not possible to use profile login - computers are used by different users.

Thank you for your work on this great browser. You’ve taken the concept of safe and private browsing to the next level.

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This is a great question. I face the same issue. I often make new profiles or install Brave on virtual machines and it’s kind of a pain to keep having to change all the settings manually.

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That’s the best way, easier and better for admins.

Thank you @Eml but I’m not completely sure if that works in Brave.
The article also doesn’t mention Linux.
I found someone with a similar issue who can’t find initial_preferences.

They mention linux where they say where you need to push the file to in Step 4.

And it works because it is just a JSON file, and all if not most files in User Data are just the same across OSs.

The problem is reading the steps, you don’t find the file, you download / create the file and you edit the file and then you ‘push’ it where Google says depending of the OS.

It was actually renamed from master_preferences to initial_preferences because the world is dumb and weak and think words matter more than they do. So maybe you can find more help by searching master_preferences rather than initial.

Thank you for the tips. I’m currently trying to put together a master_preferences file, but there is no good documentation or tool that can generate the file. Brave could do that in the future :wink: It would also be a great feature to lock these settings. E.g. by password. In addition to the mentioned link, I found the source code where the options are listed. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find the correct values according to individual settings in a localized environment. For those interested, I attach a link, but I have not yet tested whether it works properly…

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