How to make an Android fork of Brave

I have recently started using Brave on Windows and Android, and it’s quite good at what it does and stable too. I also used brave beta and nightly when I needed multiple browsers.
Now, I figured it would be convenient if I separate my
browsing in different instances of the browser. So I thought why not take the brave code for android and rename/repackage it into different browsers? This way I can run as many instances of brave as I like on my android device.
Would that be too hard to accomplish? I’m concerned that renaming the packages (or what the repackaging would entail) might break some functionality if done improperly, for instance, I might find out that all my bookmarks are lost!
And also another query along these lines: how could l do the same for vanilla chromium for android, that is, how could I go about renaming/repackaging chromium? I think I could run some instances of vanilla chromium too, but I haven’t found any guide regarding that either.
I was anxious that this wasn’t the right place for me to pose this question. Even if that’s the case, I wanted to thank the Brave coders for making such an awesome browser.
Regards, Tom

Forking the browser isn’t necessary. You can download Brave stable, Brave Beta and Nightly from the Google Playstore and install/run them in parallel.

I already do, but then there couldn’t be more than three instances that I could run at a time. Also, all the other instances would at least have to be beta.

I’m not sure why you would need to be running any additional instances of the browser – what exactly is it that you’re trying to accomplish here?

I could separate work, gaming, social media etc. in different instances of the browser.

Three browser instances should be more than enough for you to do that with. You can also make use of the “tab groups” feature, wherein you can group tabs of similar types in order to keep your tabs/sites/accounts organized.

I use tab groups and other browser features to keep organized too. :neutral_face: But separation of concerns helps me focus on the current task. I figured it shouldn’t be that hard to repackage brave for android, and then I won’t have an upper bound on the number of instances I could run.
(And also, all the instances would be more mainline as opposed to beta.)

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