How to load a webpage from my browser cache rather than refreshing it?


I want to load a webpage from a specific URL. Problem is: I know the original content of the page has been deleted and there’s no way to retrieve it with external means (Internet Archive).

However, I know that my web browser has kept the cache of it.

Usually on Brave, you get access to the cache by browsing the “previous page” feature. Instead of reloading each page previously opened, Brave prefers to read directly your cache.

But I closed my window then and cannot get it back through window history. If I load the page from my browser history page list, it will reload the page and erase the cache by the new content.

So I have to find an alternative way to browse my cache other than the “click to go back, hold to see history” feature.

Found the solution:
“Chrome Cache View” freeware by NirSoft. Brave is formally compatible since the 2.41 version.

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Came here to suggest an extension and looks like you found one on your own — great work! :slight_smile: