How to live stream FM radio

Description of the issue:
I want to live stream an FM station in the background while I’m working on my desktop. To listen to the station, I simply open a browser window, open the website for the station and click on ‘Stream Live’ button on the side. The station plays. I then minimize the browser window.

If I want to do some more browser work with the radio playing, can I do this in a instance of the browser other than the one that is playing the music? When I click on the browser icon on my desktop it opens the same instance of the browser playing the FM station. Can I open a second instance?

Right click the icon and select new window.

In similar vain to having spotify, youtube playing in a different tab. It should still play. If there is a specific stream having issues to post here

Simple! Thanks! I figured it had to be but like so many things, simple can be baffling until you see the answer. Enjoy your evening.

No problem. So it solved your doubt?

Yet, I now have 3 instances of Brave running and my FM station is all by itself - not to be disturbed by any of my thrashing about.

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