How to link 4 brave browsers to uphold?

How do I link my 4 brave browsers to my uphold account? Are they linked for life or could I remove them if my computer spoils? Also do I receive a different amount of BAT for each of the 4 browsers??

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#1 You link them by going through brave://rewards/ and clicking on “Verify Wallet” on the top left corner of the top right window.
#2 You can’t unlink them at the moment.
#3 You’ll earn roughly the sum of everything you got on any of the linked browsers.

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And how is this different from the Sync2? when you sync your accounts what are you doing??? could i just sync them and remove an account if i switch my pc

Sync V2 does not yet include Brave Rewards data.

But Sync2 allows you to earn BAT on all 4 of the accounts linked at different times?

and those 4 accounts will be lined with your uphold basically

Sync v2 and Brave Rewards do not interact. Brave Rewards only works with Uphold.

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