How to know the number of bat earned is eligible for payment?

I just joined brave ! did i earn 0.4 bat how do i know i am eligible for payment ? I read many threads saying brave doesn’t pay them! Is there any mistake? And if they do, they must have a reason, right? Where can I refer please explain to me! Thanks

You can wait for few weeks to see for yourself what amount you get paid.

As for eligibility, from my experience, on Android you must have at least 15 BAT to be able to verify your wallet. Alternatively you could create an Uphold account and link that instead. (Read up/ Experiment more on this as I do not know what are the current criteria.)
Secondly, on PC you get an option to link/verify your Uphold wallet without any minimum BAT requirements.
As for Mac or ChromeOS, I have no idea since I never used them. iPhone users, however, do not earn BAT since Apple couldn’t digest the fact that they didn’t get a cut for Brave showing ads (even though it’s done with the user’s consent) and hence the whole BAT thing doesn’t work for them.

Honestly speaking, give it a month or two, you’ll understand how things work. I never properly understood how withdrawing worked, no matter how much I read up about it, until I did it myself.

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Yes ! I see a lot of people saying they don’t receive their claim for the month! why is that?

Because it is in constant development and binding crypto with a browser can be hard. And remember that they’re a browser developer and not a finance company. So, expect to see some ups and downs when getting paid since they’ve to pay around 18 million users.
So far I personally haven’t experienced any loss of BAT, but there are times when I’m not paid justly and that is mostly due to bugs.
And as for why is that happening, your best bet is to communicate with support if you want answers.

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hmm and i’m wondering if cheating users get paid or not! because I haven’t seen any rules in brave about the payment conditions

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