How to know if I got flagged?

I’ve used brave browser alot from past two years but since like two months I stopped getting ads. I suspect that is because i used vpn once. I’ve tried so many ways to get the rewards back but its not been working. I suspect that is because i got flagged for fraud for using vpn. is there any way to know if i got flagged or ask support somewhere from my profile?

so if i connect a wallet to the current profile and see if it shows flagged or not? I connected a wallet to the profile and it didnt show flagged. does this mean its not flagged?

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Thank you, also out of topic for this thread but just want to know.
I have one more use two profiles in one brave browser in my laptop. is there a way to send one bat to the other one? I have gemini account connected to one profile btw, im not sure if gemini allows multiple users.

ohh ok thank you, just tried linking my gemini account and it showed flagged. is there a way to get it off or its flagged permanantly?

You can currently have 4 devices/wallets connected to uphold or Gemini. However, any bat the you are “Earning” can not be transfered to another one of those devices. If they are not connected to an external wallet, you will have a balance but will not be able to transfer those to another wallet either. They can only be sent to a verified uphold or gemini wallet. Or can be used to tip creators.

Phillippines, Vietnam and I believe Turkey are no longer supported regions. You can not earn BAT if you’re in one of those countries, unfortunately.
Edit: I have been Corrected by @Chocoholic Sorry for the confusion @Tangina

“I think you can earn BAT, you just can’t deposit it into a custodial account. You are only able to hold it or tip creators. Ad campaigns are still available in those regions if you look at the list of supported countries:

You can dm a moderator like steeven or mattches and they might help you. Otherwise there is a form you can fill out.

Also, i dont understand difference between wallet and gemini. Ive connected gemini to my profile but i dont have wallet connected to it. is it compulsary to connect a wallet to recieve the bat or is it not?

Gemini and Uphold are “Wallets” Each device you have connected to Brave also have wallet addresses.

So my other profile which has no wallet connected to it. so do you think there is a chance for support to recognise the profile and remove it from flag?

So you have a device that you do NOT have connected to Uphold or Gemini, and that device tells you that you are flagged?

I have two profiles
profile 1 : gemini connected, im getting ads. everything is fine
profile 2: not getting ads, tried to connect gemini and it showed that the profile is flagged. so that profile has no wallet connected.

i want to start recieving ads from that profile 2 and also be able to use the bat i have in profile 2 which i cant use anymore as its flagged profile.

So you have 1 device and 2 different profiles?

yes i do is that a problem?

Not that I am aware of. You should dm one of the moderators mentioned above and fill out the form.

I have been flagged for months I guess… Only 1 of 4 allowed devices produces any BAT for me now :frowning:

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