How to join the BETA phase?


Hello. I am new to Brave and BAT. I am interested in being a part of the Beta testing. How does one go about getting included?

Thank you.


Hi @emiliofcastillo,
Thanks for your interest to help in Beta testing.

You can download the beta version from

If you face an issue, feel free to submit it to the proper category.



Hello @eljuno No issues…but, I now appear to have two installations of Brave…“Brave Browser” and “Brave Browser Beta” - What is the difference? I don’t appear to be signed in to either…should I be? so far I don’t see a difference and I am pretty sure I need to delete one or the other. I certainly don’t want to keep both versions.

Also…Both instances have 30 BAT in the wallets which I’ve claimed. Now what? they appear to have an expiration date…so tell me, do I need to go spend it?


The different Brave builds are designed to run in parallel. This allows you to switch between them without having to overwrite or uninstall anything. You’re welcome to delete your old build, but if you’d like to keep it there won’t be any harm done in doing so.

If you switched to Beta from the Release build then the differences should be relatively minimal.

If you switched to Beta from the Muon build (v0.25.2), then the differences should be quite obvious! Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Soo…what about the website which I have verified? Will I have to redo that from the new browser?