How to include payments to websites


how do i include payments to websites and i think that brave should add a little search bar to searcg for websites in payment


and will payments devide the currency for each websie?


and once your out of payments, will it charge you for more if you have auto include on?


You can include a site with the little heart next to the address bar while you’re visitting it (it will turn orange) or @ about:preferences#payments


How does Brave distribute my contribution among publishers?
Your monthly contribution is created using a computer algorithm which takes into account things like number of visits each site, the time spend on each page, etc. It does this securely and anonymously. As your monthly contribution time approaches, you’ll receive an in-browser alert allowing you to review and adjust contributions before they are processed. You can also decide which sites get what percentage of your donation via the “pinning” option, whether you visit them or not.

When you pin a site, you can simply write the percentage of your monthly fund you want to give to it.

and once your out of payments, will it charge you for more if you have auto include on?

The auto-include option means that every site you visit is automatically added to the list of sites that get your payment at the end of the month but you can opt-out the sites you don’t want manually, if I understand correctly.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


how do i spend my BAT?


Your monthly bugdet will automatically go to the sites you chose after 30 days, split according to the percentage.


Hi @lew,
@lew is right. In short,

  • Turn ON Brave Payments at Preferences > Payments.
  • Add fund to your wallet and set the monthly budget.
  • If you have Auto include enabled, you just need to visit any sites/watch any YouTube videos/stream any Twitch stream. It’ll add that site/channel automatically to the list at Preferences > Payments.
  • After 30 days period, it’ll automatically distributed to sites/channels.


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