How to get upload wallet connect with second brave browser android?

Hi there, I created an uphold account for my brave rewards and added a fund to it.
Now I want to connect my second brave browser on my tablet (android) to this account.
I can’t find any tutorial for it.
How will the second (android) browser become connected to the uphold wallet?
Or, if that doesn’t work, how can I connect it to a second uphold wallet? I created that already, naming it “brave tablet” but I don’t know how it would work.
The tablet brave browser has gotten some BAT already, but it is not visible at uphold account.
Thank you for your help!
Kind regards,

It should not be possible. Since Uphold only give 1 account per person.

Same like steps you did on your first wallet – if you connect it “properly”.

Click BAT triangle icon at URL bar for the option.

Thank you for quick answer.
I correct myself: second uphold card (not wallet).
How does connecting work “properly”? Clicking on triangle there is 1 button “verify wallet”. That doesn’t work because the minimum isn’t reached.
Then button preferences doesn’t help either, because there is no option to connect with uphold.

You don’t need another card. Connected wallet will using Brave Browser card which should generated automatically when you connect it for the first time.

That’s the way to connect it – which I referred as “properly”. And yes, you’ll need to accumulate 25 BAT first before the button a click-able.

How can I push that?
On my PC I could fund the uphold card from my bank account and then easily verify brave awards.
There is already a few thousand BAT on my uphold card, but not yet on tablet browser.
Is there a way to transfer a few BAT to that browser somehow?

Sadly no @Dan-cer . Like mentioned in my previous post :point_up: and the only way to do that is from Brave Ads.

This requirement will also hit desktop version – mean user will not be able to connect to Uphold account if they have less than 25 BAT in their brave:rewards wallet.

EDIT: This change is introduced here Android Uphold Wallets Launch and Introducing Minimum BAT Thresholds

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