How to get rid of rewards popup

How do I get rid if the
Brave pop up box that appears every time I log in?. The pop up says “Get Rewards”

That depends – are you on Brave desktop or mobile? What OS? Which Brave version?

I am on Brave desktop,OS Windows 10, Brave version 1.0.1 Chromium
Thanks for your reply.

Can you share a screenshot of the pop-up you’re describing? I’m not entirely sure where in the browser this would be popping oup

I get the same thing. Every time I open a new tab, there is a “Brave Rewards” message… maybe not really a “pop-up”, but I would rather not see it every time I open a new tab.
See attached image.

@Sunitha click the orange box to hide the widget.

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Thank you! I was hoping it was something easy like that. I appreciate your help!

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