How to get recovery key to reinstall brave browser

My windows 10 got currupt so i have to reinstall windows and reinstall the brave browser but i dont have the backup of restore key and now i want to know restore key
Please help me

Hi @santoshanil,
Have you already re-installed windows?
Is your wallet connected to Uphold?

Hi @Aa-ron,
Yes I have already Re-installed windows
and Yes my wallet is connected to Uphold

Then your BAT should be in Uphold. All you need to do download Brave and connect your new wallet to Uphold.

I have 4 computers with UPhold already connected
how can i transfer all these 4 browser wallets to 4 new computers?
I can no longer connect new ones to my Uphold.

Hi @Bananas12,
Unfortunately, at the moment that’s not possible. You have already taken up the 4 slots, you can no longer add anymore. We understand this to be an inconvenience to some people, and we’re working on a solution.

If I use a browser on my home computer, but my wife also has her own profile.
Does it count as 2 different browsers or does it have the same wallet?
Will this be considered a second device
if connected to Uphold profiles

That would be a 2nd wallet.
Also note, you and your wife should have your own Uphold accounts.
That way you get 4 slots and your wife gets her own 4.

That is, I will not be able to connect the same Uphold wallet to two different profiles if my slots are not occupied (for example, let’s take a new uphold wallet)

A better way to think about the slots is by wallets and not devices.
A wallet will take up a slot. So If you have multiple profiles, and you’ve created a new wallet in each profile, and connected them to Uphold. Then the wallets will have taken up the slots.
If you have two profiles and two wallets, then thats two slots.
But if you have two profiles, and HAVE NOT created a wallet in the 2nd profile, then that’s only 1 slot because each profile will have their own wallet.
If any wallets are connected to Uphold, they will sync together. So if the 2 profiles are connected, they are not the same wallet but the balances are synced. i.e. thats why wallets connected to Uphold can all have different pending rewards.

I mean something else.
Can I connect the same uphold wallet to two brave profiles?
This will take 2 slots.
Or do you have to connect different uphold wallets?

Yes you can do that.

Thank you so much. for the answer. You helped me a lot.

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