How to get profile back after HDD to SSD clone?

So I’m not the most computer savvy and decided to try and ask this question to get some sort of help. Basically in short, Linux Manjaro OS cloned HDD to new SSD and everything transferred flawlessly. However, when I opened Brave Browser the profile is not there and it is like a brand new Brave browser. I am not sure if I use the sync chain will it treat this as a new device even tho it really is not - hence the cloning? I am a little afraid to do anything because of that whole Uphold 4 accounts lifetime thing. I am already maxxed out as it is. The main reason I cloned the HDD instead of a fresh install was because I had thought this would transfer the brave browser data over. I could have sworn when I did this on my Windows 10 computer, it transferred over no problem.

If anyone could help clarify that would be great. Even if it is not possible to get the Brave browser profile over to the new SSD, that would at least be some closure. I would really love to use the SSD, but if I cannot have Brave browser profile on it. I’d rather stick to the HDD until Uphold allows more accounts and/or gemini ever gets released as an alternative.

I did the same on windows 8.1 and didn’t had any problem :thinking:

Maybe try copying your hdd browser data to the ssd

Just wanted to say, I tried once again cloning HDD to SSD using Clonezilla and this is what I should have done a month ago! Guess using DD command prompt is not as good as Clonezilla… So I am using my new SSD and my browser data is intact!

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