How to get my Rewards


I’m new to this Brave Rewards thing, I don’t understand much, but what I do understand is that I followed the steps to open a wallet in UpHold, but it turns out that I can’t verify any of the wallets, the two that are related to Brave, UpHold and Gemini, send me the message…

Region not supported.

And it’s the same with Gemini, is there any way to retrieve the Bats that have been accumulated, or practice already disappeared.

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At the moment you can only keep your earned BAT stored inside the browser, or tip some verified creator.


Starting to think this [keeping BATs stored inside the browser, or tipping some verified creator] may be a better option, as verified wallet users’ BATs just vanished two months in a row.

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I have the same, they have disconnected my wallet for 3 months I still have 4.5 BAT for August, they did not give me 3.5 BAT and yesterday they wrote 7.525 that you received it and it is still 4.5, I think they are starting to cheat us . scammers !!!

Hi Guys

If you have not received your rewards, you have to submit a support ticket using the link below. Shouting here in the community will not help you.


Dokładnie, jebać zkurfoli

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