How to get MRU tab order?


When pressing Ctrl-TAB, I don’t want to go to the tab to the right of the current one on the tab bar.

I want to go to the tab I was most recently looking at before this one.

In Firefox, I’d get this via TabMixPlus (when that was an option) or a built-in option. In Chrome, there’s an ancient WONTFIX on this subject here:

This is a fairly common request; another user made it here: Can I use Ctrl-Tab to switch to the last-used-tab? - but the answer missed the point entirely.

I’d link to other examples and explanations, but I can’t link to more than two things.

This is a deal-breaker for me. Without having Ctrl-TAB behave like Alt-TAB (or cmd-TAB), I can’t use Brave for more than two tabs.

I’d be most happy with a first-class configuration option. But an extension that implements this a la LastTab or TabMixPlus would also do the job.

What exists now, or has this not been considered before?


We have an issue logged for this and can be tracked here