How to get BATs in an old Brave's Android version?

Hello guys,

i have a Samsung J1 mini that i use every day. I have Brave on it and i can’t find a way to move these BATs that i earned to my main wallet. The android version is old and the brave has no more support to it.

  • I can’t sincronyze with my Gemini or Uphold account.
  • I can’t send to my Youtube account linked with Brave Creator.

What should i do?
I would really appreciate any help.

I think Brave only supports Android version 6 and above. I will try to find the link to the post or Brave Github report that states this, but it may take a while. Maybe someone else has it at their fingertips and can post!

Edit: Easier than I thought…

I aprecciate your help, but this information is actual.
I installed the brave app on my cellphone by the Google Play Store. Totally legal. As i said in my post, the system TODAY is not supported anymore, but i’m almost sure it has a way to transfer the BATs from this wallet to my main wallet on supported systems.

OK. If your main wallet is something other than Gemini or Uphold, I do not know of any way to transfer Rewards BAT other than to those providers. I have seen topics where users have experienced transfer issues to custodial providers in the past due to outdated OS versions.

I do hope there is a way to solve your problem. Maybe another community member familiar with older Android devices can help Or you could tag the moderators to see if they will respond. Good luck!