How to get BAT from Phone to Uphold Wallt

Hey – in an effort to get BAT earned from my Phone into my Uphold Wallet, I self-tipped 3 BAT last night. Now I come to find that self-tipping isn’t allowed. (Which I assume is why there’s no new BAT in my wallet.)

So if you can’t sync your Phone wallet with your desktop wallet, how are you supposed to get BAT earned via phone into your account?

This wouldn’t be a problem if

  1. you could sync wallets (when fix?); or
  2. BAT didn’t expire after a certain length of time.

Please advise. Many thanks –

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Rewards on mobile is in active development. Wallet sync and/or withdrawal functionality will be added in the future. No ETA for that.

For now, you can keep it in you in-browser wallet or use it to support your favorite creators.

Only BAT from free grants that have an expiration date – and will be sent back to User Growth Pool.

BAT from Brave Ads is yours.

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OK, great! I’ll chalk those 3 BAT up as lost, but I’ll just keep the remainder in my wallet until sync is available. Thank you!

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