How to get BAT cost basis

I am trying to find my cost basis for all my BAT from 2021. I dont see a place to get that or download. I’ve reached out to Uphold and they said that I need to ask Brave. I tried to get my transactions and cost basis.

At Minimum how can I get a list of all my earned BAT and the price at the time of deposit?

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@steeven tagging you as someone whose helped me in the past with issues. Thank you

Thanks for the link; Unfortunately i closed my uphold account and moved to Gemini, but the 1099 if recieved from Uphold doesnt have any of my cost basis and they said to reach out to Brave team for that info.

@steeven still waiting for a response; how can i get a full list of ALL my BAT cost basis? I’ve tried to contact Uphold as well but havent heard back.

Thanks @Bodi, can you DM me the email linked to your Uphold account?

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