How to get back a Brave profil after a Windows crash?

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Sorry for my english, I’m french.

After a Windows 7 crash, I have to reinstall Brave on a new Windows platerform. Where can I find my old Brave profil on my crashed HD where was Windows 7 ? I’d like to get back my bookmarks and of course, all passwords saved. Can we get back a profil as it’s possible with the Vivaldi browser ?

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Not sure about being able to retrieve old passwords. Passwords are encrypted by the system so after reinstalling the encryption key is lost therefore unable to decode the passwords.

But you might be able to get back other data.

Your data should be at the above path. So if you just copy paste everything to the Brave folder on the new installation you should be able to get other data back.

A big big thanks, it’s what I was thinking about. I will try asap and let you know.

Once again, thanks.

Have a nice weekend.

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