How to get ad rewards into Brave Wallet

I am new to crypto and crypto wallets, etc. I have just created my Brave Wallet but cannot figure out how to get my Ad Rewards balance into my Brave Wallet. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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You should first link your account with a wallet custodian like uphold then after receiving your monthly payment you can send it to your brave wallet, But I kinda get a feeling like you wanted to know if this was possible without a custodian and get the rewards directly into your wallet, for that the answer is no for now, we will have to wait for the SOL integration I believe.

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arunbiju - thank you for the reply. Yes, I was looking to send them straight into Brave without using a 3rd party. Have you heard if this is going to possible in the future? Thanks again for your help.


See here

Thanks Brian. Last question (hopefully), is there any real difference in using Uphold or Gemini to verify my wallet? Then can I move it from there to my Brave wallet?

Thanks again from a complete novice on this stuff.

Ideally you would setup both and then users setup on either client can tip you.

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