How to fix: unable to link wallet error "problem processing request, please try again"

I was able to get past this error today and get my rewards back online… so maybe this can help someone else with the same problem:

TLDR: When linking a wallet, I would get the error “Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”

What I did wrong was: I backed up my Brave Users/Appdata folder then pasted it back in after a reinstall, so Brave would resume where I left off. But Rewards didn’t like that. The file causing problems was “Preferences” in the Default folder. Just leave that file out of the Appdata copy/paste and rewards worked again.

Background of the error: For the last month or so, I’ve not had a wallet linked or rewards activated. I had to reinstall Windows, and when I reinstalled Brave and tried linking a wallet, I would get this error:
Screenshot 2021-10-22 034311

Even just trying to activate rewards by itself (no wallet linking) wouldn’t work.

Reading online, I thought maybe I reached a device limit. Everywhere said to contact support to unlink a device, but I never received any reply. So I just sat here for the last month with rewards off.

But today I decided to try messing around with it again. I uninstalled Brave and reinstalled and, with the fresh install and without touching anything else, I went straight to rewards and tried turning it on and linking wallet, and it worked. My problem was, before reinstalling Windows, I had backed up the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware folder, then after reinstalling Brave, pasted those files all back into the directory so my Brave would be right where I left off. Something in that backup wasn’t playing nice with the new install of Brave and wasn’t letting me activate the rewards or link my wallet.

I went file-by-file to find at which point rewards just stopped working and started giving me that error, and it ended up being
“C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Preferences”

Just by leaving that Preferences file out of the copy/paste, I was able to get my Brave back to the way I had it before the reinstall, but also was able to activate rewards and link a wallet again. Only downside, not copying over the Preferences file means you’ll have to go through and redo any Brave settings you had set… but that was easy enough.

It’s largely my fault, as I should have tried a fresh install from the start. But forums had me convinced it was a Brave device limit thing so I gave up. But if anyone else backs up their AppData folder, pastes it back in and gets this error when trying to turn on rewards or link a wallet, hopefully this helps. Just leave that Preferences file out of your AppData copy/paste and Rewards had no problems turning on and linking back up.

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Do you mean you by backing up and reinstalling without that preference file would restore brave to exact same state before. Like even the amount of BAT accumulated until then?

Naa, I don’t think BAT picks up where you left off. But everything else (your bookmarks, extensions, etc) are put back into place just as you left it. I’ve done that with my browsers for years, backing up the AppData folder for the browser (works whether it’s Firefox/Chrome/Brave)… but for some reason, Brave freaked out at it and would give me that error when trying to relink wallet or enable rewards after putting those backup files back into place. But just leaving out that Preferences file worked, it let me restore all my stuff as I had left it and stopped giving me that Rewards error. But I think the BAT is something separate and doesn’t carry over.

I didn’t follow you, it’s only delete the preferences ? I have this problem “Parece que tu billetera de Brave Rewards ya se ha verificado con otra cuenta de Uphold. Intenta verificarla de nuevo usando tu cuenta anterior.” I’m from Latin America, later sendme the message "“Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”

Have you tried uninstalling Brave and reinstalling, so it’s a fresh install? The problem with me was, I had backed up my old Brave files and then inserted those backed up files into a new install. I’ve done that for years in other browsers, in order to import my backup of bookmarks/extensions/etc. But doing it here, Rewards stopped working. But if you uninstall Brave and reinstall so everything is fresh, maybe that will fix it for you.

On another post I made elsewhere, a Brave support member said that in an upcoming Brave update in about 2 weeks, there should be a fix for this “Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again” error. So if nothing else, hopefully in 2 week or so after an update things will fix.

I hope so, i made a Brave reinstall and later became the problem, i’m gonna wait two weeks more thankyou for your time, i’ll be in touch

I always set synchronize with my phone to achieve the same results as you. It is simple.

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