How to fix this Notifications button?

Hey there, How to fix Notifications button on a screen in the Android device? I’m not able to click on it. Same happening with location access button too. The same issue facing in chrome browser. Can anybody help me? I mailed to team Brave but no response on it. Screenshot_2019-07-28-21-36-30

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Can you try removing the cache and site data for facebook, refreshing, then trying again?

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Hello, we are seeing this topic in another post, quite extensive. We are many who have this problem. the screen freezes.

In my case I tried what Mattches suggests, but the results were always negative.

Also, what version of Brave do you use? Mine does not look like this!

Yeah I did this but still it’s not work at all. When I click back button then this screen will be cancelled. I don’t any idea about fixing this.

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I’m on latest version 1.1.2 from last 2 or 3 months I’ve this issue.

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I’ve been reporting this problem for several months, believe me I tried everything without success. I also didn’t have a clear answer from the developers. although they have asked me questions on the subject

Yeah same mess happening with me. It’s shows how pathetic they are in developing even Google Chrome too.