How to find out how many browsers are linked

Hello fellow Brave people!
I’m just about to make a clean install of a new Linux. And I don’t know how to keep Brave connected to Uphold.
Firstly I have 2 installs connected actively, but I’m not sure if I connected devices, that are no longer used. That’s why I’d like to know if I can check how many connections to Uphold exist right now.
Further more I really wish that Brave makes it possible to disconnect instances that are no longer used.

Question1: How to proceed a clean install of OS with new Brave, that keeps all my wallet intact?
Question 2: How can I check the number of Browsers connected to Uphold?

Thanks in advance


There’s no way to do that ATM

if you previously have 2 browser wallets connected, new wallet will be counted as the third wallet. There’s no way to “disconnect” it.


Frustrating, isn’t it?
No way to back up your browser-wallet, No way to check if I break the rules.

As by German tax-law a personal computer’s worth goes to zero after 2 Years. And most of the people buy a new smart phone after 1 or 2 years. There are a lot of people going to be “not amused” in the very near future.

If this won’t be changed rapidly, it will severly harm the distribution of the Brave Browser.

My workaround will be: Throwing away the amount that has not yet been paid out, as I can’t even donate it to Wikipedia. And connect my new wallet hoping that I do not disqualify, and start complaining if I do. Tststs

I thought Brave could do better.

Regards Firmian


Hello @firmian @eljuno

could i got the confirm about what the connected wallet mean here

is it the same as the wallet recovery key or the Wallet payment ID ? or something else

and have a nice day both of you

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Hi there!
Connected wallet means:
When you install a new Brave Browser on a device, you can “verify” your browser’s wallet, which is connecting it to your uphold account. Your BAT from allowing ads will be stored in your Uphold wallet.
Up to now there are no more than 4 connected browser wallets allowed and if you try to connecct a 5th you’ll loose all connections (as far as I know). Thus it is dangerous to connect a new wallet, if you are uncertain about the number of your connected wallets.
As for now there is no way to find out, how many wallets are connected. And there is no way to disconnect unused wallets.
So with every new device you buy to replace an old one, you are getting nearer to the point of loosing everything. With time this will be a big problem, as more and more users will replace old devices.
Both abilities (check your number of connected wallets + disconnect old ones) are very important to be implemented in the very near future.
But alas, As rewards dropped and number of ads dropped too, I don’t even generate one single BAT a month to contribute to Wikipedia.
It was my great pleasure to swap money from watching Amazon and Ebay ads to Wikipedia and animelon, who really contribute to the global spread of information and knowledge. It’s over for now, but I hope it’ll work again in the future.



thanks @firmian

if i got you then that mean even reinstall the os on the device would lead to the same thing am i right or i miss something

thanks again and have a nice day

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No solution is no solution …


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