How to export web history

i want to export my brave data to other browsers how can I do that?


@CerealLover might know, the reverse of:

Browser histories

thank you, though when I did that with brave and exported the brave bookmarks it only exported bookmarks not history or passwords. is there a way I can do that?


@adewater500 It depends to which browser you are exporting Brave data.

For Firefox, you can import directly from Brave: bookmarks + cookies + passwords + history.

For Opera (bookmarks + cookie s+ password, NO history)

  1. Save Brave bookmarks as HTML file
  2. Save Brave passwords as .CSV file
  3. Import separately bookmarks and passwords to Opera.

For Chrome (bookmarks+cookies+passwords+history)
Install Firefox and Chrome; import data from Brave to Firefox (as above), then from Firefox to Chrome! Delete Firefox.

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ok but how do i import the passwords to opera there’s no button to do so



Open opera://flags/#PasswordImport and enable

Add passwords in settings
Password import


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