How to Export/Import the brave rewards?

I am New to this community this is first Post

I enabled the developer option but I couldn’t open Export/Import Option. Bcz it ask me QA Code at QA Preference

I request Brave Experts to answer this
I tried to search for this answers

I couldn’t plzz

Can you send a screenshot regarding it?

I don’t get what you are trying to Import/Export…

About this QA Preference

Thanks for your great Response :+1:

That’s not for you… Those are included in the Develepor’s options…

Then how to export my rewards for reinstalling the brave browser

You have to create an Uphold Account.

Download the Uphold App and create an account and get it verified by giving them all the required documents such as Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, etc.

THen connect that account to your Brave Browser.

Oh okay
Thank you :blush:
But for that we need at least 15 BAT
Am I ryt

No, that was old policy.

They have updated it, so you don’t need 15 BATs now…

Oh Good
Thank you so much :blush: @ItzMeRajat

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@ItzMeRajat bro how to add indian bank bro

There only 3 countries currency
What as i am an
How to add indian bank to uphold

Hey there,

You can’t connect an Indian Bank in Uphold app. Download another app like WazirX or CoinSwitch from playstore and get yourself verified.

Then open and click on your BATs…
Then select “Send to Cryptocurrencies”
And there you select “XRP”
Then open CoinSwitch or WazirX and copy the Destination code.
And send all the BATs to that app.
Then you can withdraw to your Indian Bank.

I myself use CoinSwitch, if you are wondering.

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Thank you so much bro :pray:t4: .
Great Job :+1:

Bro could plz help come out from this trouble

First it says 24 hrs but know takes 48 hrs then also no progress.
Is there any way Bro

From when is it showing like that?

Know only bro what to do


Did this happen after you submitted your documents for verification?

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Sss @ItzMeRajat sir
I try open account that too difficult sir.

I don’t understand…

Type in Hindi only. I will understand better.

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Sorry I don’t know :confused: Hindi.
Me tamil guy

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You type in Tamil, I will translate…

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