How to Export BAT on IOS 12.5.5 to the Destop Version?


i’m trying to export all the BAT i earned from Brave Browser on my Iphone but unfortunately i can’t Update Brave because it request me to have at least ios 14 or higher and the last version im able to install is the 12.5.5. So i can’t manage to send my BAT on the desktop version. i still have access to “internal data rewards” so maybe someone from staff could manage to do something here pls?

Thanks in advance for your help

Cant lie was expecting a faster answer.
And why there is not an option to simply open a ticket instead of wasting our time with a “contact us” who redirect here.

cant believe i have to “fight” just to get back ~10 BAT lol

Please see the following post for instructions on how to submit this request:


Hello, i sent you a DM 5 day ago, any idea in how much time i could except getting these BAT please ?
have a nice day

8 day without answer wow

I have been on PTO for the past week and am currently working through my backlog. Appreciate your patience.

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