How to export 100% of the data from Brave to Chrome?


I like brave but I also want to store bookmarks and passwords in chrome.

I found this response from 2019 but support says “It will not be a perfect import and may not grab everything”.

Is there a way to safely import 100% of the data?

I have lots of important stuff so I don’t want to miss any


Version 1.51.118

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There no ways to officially import from Brave to Chrome 100% of the data safely. Either you use the method you mentioned or if you wanted only bookmarks and passwords imported from Brave to Chrome, then there is a way to do that

If you’re just looking to export passwords and bookmarks into Chrome:

  1. For Passwords, go to (in Brave) Settings --> Autofill —> Passwords and use the “three dots” icon to select Export passwords
  2. For Bookmarks, go to Settings —> Bookmarks, click the “three dots” icon then Export bookmarks

Hope this helps.

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