How to enable strict site isolation on Brave (chrome://flags#enable-site-per-process doesn't work)


due to Meltdown and Spectre bugs ( Google recommend to enable strict site isolation. In Chrome it can be done by: chrome://flags#enable-site-per-process
Brave is based on Chrome so I tried type chrome and brave but it doesn’t work.
How to enable strict site isolation in Brave ?

Brave Protection from Meltdown/Spectre?

Hi @Thorwald

We have an issue logged for this: and plan to release a new version soon with this fix.



It appears you can enable site isolation by launching Brave with a command line flag.


Hi @alwillis
Unfortunately, running with these flags causes that LastPass does not work. After removing the flags, LastPass works. Since I can’t do without LastPass, I will wait for a different solution to the problem.


Hopefully you’ll have better luck with the hotfix @LaurenWags mentioned, although some extensions may break until they’re updated regardless of how site isolation is enabled.


This is a great point @alwillis - the likelihood of breakage is high. Thanks for mentioning it.



Just got in from a little exercise; saw that Brave v0.19.127 got released while I was out—it has the site isolation hot fix; go to about:preferences#security to enable it.

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