How to Enable Chromecast Support in Brave (workaround) [DEPRECIATED]


As it stands, Brave (v0.61.51 at the time of writing this) does not have Chromecast support enabled by default. We have an open issue to surface the option to do so manually in settings which can be viewed here.

However, if you’d like to enable the Chromecast function in Brave, you can use the following steps to do so manually until the issue linked above is resolved. The process involves setting a few specific flags in the browser that let Brave know to offer the option to cast when available.

Manually Enable Chromecast

  1. Launch Brave and type/search brave://flags in the address bar
  2. In the search field at the top of the flags page, search for the following flags:
  1. Ensure that you relaunch Brave after setting each flag when prompted

If you’ve performed the above steps correctly you should now see the casting icon whenever a site or media player can be cast to a separate display:


I must thank you for this thread because I need this from last month. I think you have to login to 192.168.o.1.1 IP and then check for the issues.

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New user here - just tried steps above= but has had no difference on browser still no cast icon on youtube videos and no cast destinations found when I try from menu bar on right. help please.

Running win 8.1 on windows laptop.


Would you mind showing me which flags you have enabled (a quick screenshot of the flags page will do)?

Ive scrolled down the flags list - all are set at default or disabled except those below which ive roughly snipped into post.

See this users comment here on the original Github issue and see if his solution works:

Tried as directed above but still not working…

Please click the link and check again – the comment to which I’m referring is not the same as the ones you mentioned initially. For convenience, I’ve copied the comment here:

Thanks - that’s the comment whose advice I followed yesterday see image.
Still not working - chromecast works in chrome but not in brave.
Any other ideas?

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Can I ask what type of device you’re attemting to cast to? Is it a tv with Chromecast built-in or to a Chromecast usb device? Are you using a VPN connection?

its a dumb tv and a chromecast usb stick - no vpn and normal brave window - it all works in chrome but if do exact same in brave no device comes up

Are you using the Release channel version of Brave (v0.63.48 at the time of writing this)?

Yes - I only tried Brave for first time a fortnight ago

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