How to enable a home page tab to open in a tor private tabe


I have a number of home pages that open up in tabs when i open my browser. How can i specify certain tabs to open up in a tor tab as opposed to a normal tab?

for example when i open up my home pages, i have certain local network pages on standard tabs but i would like other tabs, i.e. reddit, to be automatically opened in a tor tab.

is this possible?


Hi @hector.rex,

It’s not possible currently, as far as I’m aware of. Setting multiple homepages will open it on normal tabs.

I moved it to Feature request to see if others have same request like you.


Interesting idea. Or to take that a step further, set particular websites to always open in private tabs or tor private tabs, especially .onion urls, they need tor to open anyway.

Just a thought.


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