How to earn BATs again?

BR: Saudações!
Meu nome é Carlos. Há um bom tempo estou sem receber minhas recompensas, já tentei alterar a quantidade de anúncios que recebo e simplesmente não consegui ganhar mais nada. Gostaria de saber o que poderia ser feito pra voltar a receber os BATs mensais.

USA (Google translate):
My name is Carlos. I haven’t received my rewards for a long time, I’ve tried to change the amount of ads I receive and I just couldn’t earn anything else. I would like to know what could be done to get the monthly BATs back.

I’m Brazilian and I don’t understand anything you’re saying. And I don’t talk about what’s written, but what are you really saying? I thought this was a lyric from any song, but now it feels like a real story. I just wanted to get my BATs back again, but do you need help?

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