How to download/backup the Private Key from Brave Wallet?

Hi, since my Brave Wallet no longer works on Opensea (another issue that I would prefer to resolve but can’t) I am trying to restore it to Metamask in Firefox.

Unfortunately I can not restore with the Seed Phrase due to different “Derivation Paths” (I don’t know what that means but it is what my research tells me).

Therefore, I need to Import to Metamask with my private key directly. Thank you for your help.


Sorry about the inconvenience. We’ll look into the Opensea issue separately. One reason why you couldn’t restore your seed phrase on Metamask could be that you’re using legacy Brave seeds (typically 24 words). Regardless, please follow these steps to obtain your account’s private key.

Step 1

Navigate to the desired account under Accounts.

Step 2

Click on the Edit button as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3

In the modal that appears, click on Private key and then Show key.


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